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October/Hallowe'en Special 2015 - Trick or Treat

There are six children, each dressed up differently and each carrying a different number of sweets. They are dressed as a ghost, a witch, a goblin, a vampire, a skeleton, and Frankenstein's monster. There are 6 clues about the numbers of sweets each are carrying:

1: The skeleton has twice as many sweets as the goblin and vampire combined.
2: The witch has as many sweets as the ghost has plus four times the number of sweets that the vampire has.
3: The skeleton has 28 more sweets than twice the number of sweets carried by Frankenstein's monster.
4: Frankenstein's monster has the mean number of sweets.
5: The number of sweets carried by the witch and the goblin together is the square of the number of sweets carried by the ghost.
6: Frankenstein's monster has 3 more sweets than the goblin.

How many sweets did the witch have?

The deadline has passed. You can see the answer or go to the Hall of Fame.


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