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Christmas Special 2014 - Deer Oh Deer


Pyramid of numbers

Santa's nine reindeer were sent to deliver some presents on Christmas Eve. Each reindeer got a different number of presents.

1: Prancer took twice as many presents as Cupid, and Dasher took twice as many presents as Vixen.
2: Blitzen took exactly the average number of presents.
3: Donner took one more present than Dancer, who took five more than Vixen.
4: Comet took two less presents than Cupid and 33 less than Prancer.
5: Donner took 27 presents less than Dasher.
6: Donner took half as many presents as Comet and Blitzen combined.

How many presents did Rudolph take?

The deadline has passed. You can see the answer or go to the Hall of Fame.

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